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Anthropology Collection


Extensive archaeological excavations have been undertaken at Fort Mackinac,

St. Ignace, Frankenmuth, Port Huron, and Bay City. Read more about a collections-based research project at the Marquette Mission in St. Ignace, Mich.


Public archaeology site investigations throughout Michigan make the museum the leader in state public archaeology work.

Research Sites

Saints' Rest

Marquette Mission

Cultural History

  • More than one million archaeological items.

  • 25,000 ethnographic artifacts.

  • 63,000 historical and cultural artifacts, including 4,100 world culture artifacts; 2,100 building furnishings; 3,000 packages and containers; 1,600 art objects; 10,300 communications artifacts; 7,300 tools and equipment; 6,400 personal artifacts; 650 transportation artifacts; 450 structural artifacts; 800 recreational artifacts.

  • 300 quilts and 5,000 files on Michigan quilts and quilters.

  • One of the largest repositories of Great Lakes archaeology collections in North America.

  • The Michigan Traditional Arts Research Collection, with more than 8,000 slides, 6,000 black-and-white negatives, 1,000 audio tapes, and related archival holdings.